The objectives and goals of the Lead My Way Organization is to provide personal enrichment, and professional development training to domestic violence victims and survivors for seeking personal empowerment, gainful employment, skills for entrepreneurship and more.

Lead My Way, Organization has a ’21 Steps’ training project. Symbolically named ‘21 Steps‘ as a nod to this multi-step path to healing, the program will coach survivors in three core areas:

—– Life skills, coping skills, and self confidence
—– Personal enrichment and empowerment entrepreneurial & leadership training
—– Professional development and work readiness skills to encourage financial independence

How We Deliver

Currently, our services are focused on education and awareness generation through the following channels: film, training videos, webinars, seminars, and on-site training workshops.

We are currently in the process of securing the funding and staff to make this service a reality. Please contact us for further details about our programs at

Who Will Benefit

Our award winning documentary and films address the far reaching impact of domestic violence that go beyond the adults caught up in unhealthy or toxic relationships

Please contact us for the list of programs we offer.