9:00 am – Event Opening and Welcome Message

Session 1 – 9:10 am – 9:50 am:
Empowerment – Optimism during Crisis
Personal stories of courage, perseverance, and optimism during Crisis.
Panelists: Ritu C., Sean C., Rose S.
9:50 am – 10:00 am
– Sound Healing “FREEDOM” Performance by Tarek W.

Session 2 – 10:00 am- 10:45 am
Long-Lasting Impact of Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence has many forms and intersectionalities and goes beyond intimate relationships.
Our Panelists discuss many intersecting factors that make it difficult for many to find a safe and secure home.
Panelists: Ritu C., Mireille T., Kerstin B.
10:45 am – 10:50 am
– BONNER Family presents a Gospel Song of Love, Patience, Hope, and Grace.

Session 3 – 10:50 am- 11:40 am
COVID-19, Depression, Loneliness and Mental Health
The Pandemic COVID-19 has presented added challenges to families facing abusive and toxic domestic environment.
Our panel of medical professionals and experts discuss ways to know the signs, seek help and resources, positivity,optimism and values to cherish life.
Panelists: Dr. Pratap S., Dr. Vincent L., Robert H., Dr. Michelle G.,
11:40 am – 11:45am
– ‘Nirbhayam’ (Fearless) Dance by Siddhendra Kuchipudi Art Academy

Session 4- 11:45 am- 12:20 pm
By-Stander Intervention and Positive Role Models
Why people do not intervene when they see someone being abused often by their family members?
The Panel presents tips and ways for Bystander intervention, signs of teen dating violence, identifying thesigns of suicide attempts among youth, and prevention strategies.
Panelists: Dr. Jacob H., Dr. Tawanda H., Cathy A.
12:20 pm – 12:30 pm
– Expression of Emotions: ‘Dancing Sculptures’ from Sanskriti School of dance choreographed by Artistic Director Chitra Ramaswamy
– I Am All of Things (Sound Meditation) by Philip Jacob

Lead My Way presents a Virtual Summit ‘COURAGE, COMMUNITY, COMMUNICATION DURING COVID-19’ Please join us for a virtual event featuring expert panelists on the following topics:

  1. Empowerment – Optimism during Crisis
  2. Long-Lasting Impact of Domestic Violence
  3. COVID-19, Depression, Loneliness and Mental Health
  4. By-Stander Intervention and Positive Role Models

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