About Us

Lead My Way a Not For Profit organization whose mission is to empower the inter-personal growth and professional development of domestic violence victims and survivors throughout their lifetime and create awareness about the far reaching impact of the domestic violence in our communities.

Further, our objectives are to create awareness of the patriarchal origins of domestic violence, gender equality, promoting Domestic Abuse Awareness and Prevention among youth.

We recognize that the trauma of assault does not end with the violence. Survivors begin a new and nuanced journey to rebuild their confidence, practice self-care, and heal the emotional and physical scars of domestic violence.

We provides skill based training for personal growth & empowerment, Job readiness & professional development, entrepreneurial & leadership training leading to financial independence to domestic abuse victims and survivors.

Domestic violence or intimate partner violence impacts societies at every level. Our objectives are to contribute and help those in our communities who need us the most.

Lead My Way works directly with service provider agencies on the local, state, and regional levels, coalitions against domestic violence, and organizations advocating for women’s rights. We establish crucial partnerships at every point of contact with victims and survivors, as well as emphasizing strategies for the assault prevention, generating awareness, and building a supportive community for open dialogue.


Recognizing abuse is only the first step in a victim’s process to withdraw themselves from a dangerous situation. Experiencing constant emotional and/or physical trauma sustains fear and continually deepens insecurities such that leaving the relationship feels insurmountable. In many cases, victims are trapped due to a lack of financial independence. Survivors continue to face these and myriad other challenges as they heal throughout their lifetime.

In response to these challenges, Lead My Way has two main objectives:

1. Education and awareness about domestic violence among young adults to foster healthy relationships
2. Personal Enrichment and Professional Development Training for job readiness

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To empower inter-personal growth and professional development of domestic abuse victims and survivors.

We advance our mission through advocacy, community education, inter-personal and professional development training, resource sharing and research.