Many of us are living in a world of darkness filled with constant fear, sadness, hopelessness, disappointments, and resentment.

They live in every part of the world, in every society, in every race and every background. They are young and old, single and married, come from affluent or less fortunate homes! We are talking about Domestic Violence victims and survivors.

After the emotional and physical healing, we often forget that many of these survivors depended financially on their abusive partner leaving them unable to take care of themselves.

The mission of “Lead My Way” Organization is to provide solutions to empower Domestic Violence survivors with inter-personal and professional growth as their physical and emotional healing progresses, we are dedicated to support their effort towards professional development & financial independence.

Lead My Way is empowerment center created to support more than just class room instructions. We believe in the personal empowerment and growth to continue the journey. Please visit our Program page to learn more about our empowerment and skill based training programs.

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The ways you can support Lead My Way:

Join us in ensuring that survivors of domestic violence have the assistance they need both personally and professionally as they work to rebuild their lives.

Honor a Survivor; share a story:
The stigma that surrounds sexual assault is slowly shed as survivors bravely speak out against harmful cultural norms or misconceptions about abuse. Stories of shared experiences can inspire others to find the strength to seek help or take action on the behalf of loved ones or themselves.

Make a contribution:
A donation to Lead My Way ensures that we can reach maximum number of people who suffer in silence young and old alike…

Join our Speaker’s Bureau:
We are extremely grateful for those willing to dedicate to their time bettering the lives of domestic violence survivors. Whether it’s spreading the word as an ambassador, organizing a local film screening, joining our Speaker Bureau, and so much more, we are eager to find a way to become partners in our efforts to empower survivors. Visit http://speakersbureau.leadmyway-usa.org/ to learn more.

Watch and share our films:

The award-winning ‘Lead My Way: A Global Perspective of Domestic Violence’ and ‘The Secret Crimes and the Epidemic of Generation’ are educational tool and a call to action.

For film screening inquiries in your local communities, please contact us at Leadmywayfilms@gmail.com

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II). Support our programs with a financial contribution GivingIsReceiving.